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Integrated Mathematics I is the foundation—the skills acquired in this course contain the basic knowledge needed for all future high school math courses. The material covered in this course is important, and everyone can do it. Everyone can have a good time solving the hundreds of real-world problems algebra can help answer. Course activities make the numbers, graphs, and equations more real.

The content in this course is tied to real-world applications like sports, travel, business, and health. This course is designed to give students the skills and strategies to solve all kinds of mathematical problems. Students will also acquire the confidence needed to handle everything high school math has in store for them. Integrated Mathematics I emphasizes the importance of algebra and geometry in everyday life through hundreds of real-world examples. Assessments are designed to ensure that your understanding goes beyond rote memorization of steps and procedures. Upon successful course completion, students will have a strong foundation in Integrated Mathematics I and will be prepared for other higher level math courses.

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