ASTE Maker Kit 2019

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ASTE 2019 has arrived! 

This year AK Grad wanted to get involved and share what we have been up to, and what better way than to give attendees a taste of what we do at AK Grad?

Dig into your ASTE 2019 swag bag that you receive at registration, and look for our Maker Bag. You will find the complete contents for building your own snazzy light-up badge. Once it is built, attach it to your ASTE 2019 badge and show off your crazy un-plugged maker skills!  

We want to share our excitement for teaching online, creating and making with others in our shared experience at ASTE. We believe that everyone has the capacity to learn, and that means every educator has the capacity to utilize technology as a tool to teach. Between offline and online experiences, we have the possibility of extending our virtual learning walls by providing more methods for our students to have shared learning experiences. 

Wander on over to our Canvas Page to learn how to create your own AK Grad ASTE 2019 Light-up Badge.

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