AK Grad Launch Level Courses

What are Launch Level Courses?

Launch is AK Grad’s custom-tailored curriculum. All Launch Courses except Health use physical textbooks and Canvas for online student assessments. Launch textbooks provide a blend of grade level content and accessible reading content to help simultaneously engage and encourage students.

These courses are targeted towards students with lower reading levels or special needs students. They are also ideal for students that need to recover credits and start building independent learning skills. This level covers all core classes and features the exceedingly popular Alaska Studies course.

Launch courses are purchased by the quarter (0.25 credits); thus allowing for shorter course duration, more course flexibility, and speedier course completion. Students have one month to withdraw with a full refund.

For students who:

  • Are special needs (IEP/504)
  • Are at a lower reading level
  • Are credit deficient
  • Need to recover credits
  • Need to gain independent learning skills
  • Want physical text books (AGS and Power Basics)
  • Need core classes
  • Need AK Grad Alaska Studies

All AK Grad Launch Courses

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