AK Grad Beyond Level Courses

For students who:

These courses are ideal for students who are looking for a challenge. These courses are a step above Expand in rigor and the lessons are more interactive and engaging.

Beyond courses use Canvas and use all online content. Students taking Beyond Courses are required to meet with their AK Grad teachers for discussions relating to each unit and collaborate online with other students when possible.

Original and credit-recovery classes are offered for both elective and core classes. Beyond Credit-Recovery Courses (CR) allow students to test out of skills they have mastered. Most of these courses are purchased by the year (1.0 credits).

For students who:

  • Are looking for a challenge
  • Are grade-level readers
  • Are independent learners
  • Need original or credit recovery
  • Can print or download learning, to complete offline if necessary
  • Want to take more than 3 classes
  • Want access to additional personalized support
  • Need core or electives

All AK Grad Beyond Courses

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