AK Grad Accelerate Level Courses

What are Accelerate Level Courses?

These courses are a step above Launch in reading level and rigor. They are better for students that have slightly lower to on-grade reading level and some independent learning skills that still need a bit of developing.

Accelerate Courses use Spark Learning, not Canvas, for online content. Each Spark lesson is broken up into several smaller, more manageable chunks thus making the content more accessible. Lessons can be printed for offline use.

Spark Learning also provides students with an easy to read course progress summary with each activity color-coded based on its status. Electives are available as well as core courses. Most of these courses are purchased by semester (0.5 credits). Students have one month to withdraw with a full refund.

For students who:

  • Have lower to on-grade reading level
  • Have some independent learning skills
  • Need original credit or credit recovery
  • Want to print or download reading materials to use offline
  • Need core or¬†electives

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