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Responsible citizenship, including civil and political participation, is essential to maintain a government that truly represents “We the People.” In this course, students examine the principles that inspired the Constitution and other founding documents of the United States. Students will study how these principles form the foundation of the U.S. federal government and distinguish it from those of other nations. They then examine the structures and functions of government to see how those principles are put into practice each day. This includes how the levels of government interact with one another. Finally, students extend these concepts to the role of the individual within U.S. civil society. They explore protections and limitations on individual rights protected through the Bill of Rights and acts of government over time. Students examine how, as individuals and as part of groups, citizens can influence public policy and help ensure the vitality of the constitutional republic.

Pre-Requisites: 11th or 12th grade status and English I & II recommended

United States Government Syllabus

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