HIST 061: World History, Part 1 – Expand


World History, Part 1, will help students seeking a wide knowledge of and experience with history from all over the world. Specifically, students will be enabled to relate moral and ethical principles in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and major world religions to the development of Western political ideals. Additionally, students will study and analyze major revolutions, both armed and industrial, throughout the globe and several centuries. Furthermore, students will analyze and discuss causes of major wars, colonialism and nation-building, the world economy and its development, and technical and communication innovations. Armed with these skills and knowledge, students will practice asking critical questions about historical sources, cause and effect, and contrasting philosophical ideas. Through exposure to primary sources, students will gain an appreciation for historical evidence and credibility. This course is part one in a two-part series, with World History, Part 2 covering more ground and skills

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