AK Grad Expand Level Courses

What are Expand Level Courses?

These courses are ideal for on-grade reading levels and students who are comfortable as independent learners. Expand Courses incorporate higher levels of learning such as applying, evaluating, and creating.

Expand courses use Canvas and most Expand courses use all online content. Each course contains a Course Reading Packet which can be printed for offline use. Students can also choose to have the lessons read to them.

A more advanced alternative to the Launch Alaska Studies course is offered here. Original and credit-recovery classes are offered, for both elective and core classes. Most of these courses are purchased by semester (0.5 credits). Students have two weeks to withdraw with a full refund.

For students who:

  • Are grade-level readers
  • Are¬†independent learners
  • Need original credit or credit recovery
  • Want to print or download reading materials to use offline
  • Need core or electives
  • Need Alaskan History

All AK Grad Expand Courses

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